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Plasterboard handler

Facilitates distribution of single units by sliding plasterboards of different thicknesses.
An innovative feature that prevents musculoskeletal problems.
Approved by a regulatory body.
Vertical storage.
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Capacities and dimensions
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Product features

Board carrier trolley

Ref. MPP20000

  • Permissible load 2000 kg
  • Trolley with 4 high-density polyethylene feet
  • Two forklift truck fork grips in 165 x 55 int. sleeves, distance between sleeves 660 mm
  • 1 central grip for handling with the spreader
  • Painted equipment – Weight 244 kg

Handling spreader

Ref. PKP20000

  • 1 single spreader can manage a range of board holder trolleys
  • Fork grips in 170 x 70 int. sleeves, distance between sleeves 660 mm
  • Gripping hook with automatic locking system and manual unlocking lever located next to the bulkhead
  • Weight 86 kg

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