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Mobile delivery ramp

Quick and secure unloading of pallets of materials at sites where access is difficult.
Forklift grip + pallet lift.
Type-approved by a regulatory authority.
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Capacities and dimensions
Glossary :

A : overall depth
B : interior depth
C : interior depth
I : interior width
D : overall height
D1 : interior height
E : maximum loading height
K : overall height (when emptying)
F : fork sleeves spacing
load               fork weight PAINTED
kg A B C I D E F sleeves ins. kg REF.
2000 2790 1800 1260 980 1300 190 700 170 x 70 270 QLP20000
Dimensions in mm for basic model (for guidance only).
Can not find the right model for you? We adapt!
Product features


  • The ramp enables you to pass above ground drainage or trenches and compensate for uneven ground.
  • It enables a pallet to be delivered to a garage or enclosed area.
  • Unload, wherever you wish, in spite of difficult to access sites or sites that are difficult to move around.
  • Once the platform is stablised, remove your pallet with your pallet lift/truck cranes.
  • Unload using your pallet truck.

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